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Hunting Reports & Photos


CONTACT Communication Director Heather Fisher at centralohiosci@yahoo.com  

Hunt Reports should be NO MORE than 2 paragraphs in length,
preferably in Word Document format. THANK YOU!

Hunt Report - Newfoundland Black Bear - By Nick Beiter

This past summer in mid June I traveled to Newfoundland and went on a Spring fly-in black bear hunt with Ironbound Outfitters. This is my second time hunting with Ironbound and I have enjoyed the experience with this outfitter. The accommodations and guides made for a very enjoyable hunt. This specific camp was acquired by Ironbound and had not been hunted for 10 years. There were many sightings of caribou and large moose. I saw several bears throughout the week and on my first night during the hunt we spotted a very large and impressive bear but the circumstances prevented me from getting a shot at him. On the second day of the hunt I harvested a very nice bear with a 20 inch skull. Later on in the week, on the fourth day, I harvested a nice bear with an 18 inch skull. It was a great hunt and would recommend Ironbound Outfitters to anyone interested.



Hunt Report - Utah Elk Hunt - By Renee Simovart

For the last two and a half years, I’ve had the good fortune of working for AcuSport Corporation, a distributor in the shooting sports industry in Bellefontaine, Ohio. I get to live in the country and still have a corporate job that is 10 minutes from my house, which has allowed for greater work-life balance. Additionally, I get some really great perks! As Director of Supply Planning, I’m not responsible for just one category or a handful of manufacturers like the buyers, but I get to work with all of our manufacturers across all categories. In early September, I was asked to go on an elk hunt in Utah at the end of September to fill a spot for someone who had backed out at the last minute. In three weeks, I updated some of my gear, practiced shooting my .280 REM Ruger M77 rifle at 100, 200 and 300 yards, and hiked a few miles up some hills. Luckily, I had already been running and working out consistently. The day quickly came for me to leave for the hunt and I was so nervous. Everything from hunting without my husband, being a bow hunter instead of a gun hunter, never having checked a firearm, altitude sickness (which I have experienced skiing out west) , were pushing me beyond my comfort zone. But I remembered some wise advice I’ve heard in the past: “You only grow when you’re uncomfortable”.

The hunt was with Wild Country Outfitters who manage the Deseret Cooperative Wildlife Management lease program. The Deseret is over 200,000 acres with its highest peak at 8,500 ft elevation and takes up parts of three counties in Utah. They average 90 elk bulls to every 100 cows and don’t shoot anything under seven years old. Our hunt consisted of 10 elk tags and 8 mule deer tags. I was in the company of some of the finest owners and operators of independent retailers in the shooting sports industries. Also in attendance were Mike Schoby of The Sportsman’s Channel’s Peterson’s Hunting Adventures and Mark Keefe, Editor-In-Chief at the NRA.

The only two women in camp had the same name (Renee and Renae), so it was utterly confusing for everyone. We became known as Team Renee, Renee Squared, Renee and Blondie. We were paired together to hunt with Tom Land; the owner of Wild Country Outfitters. Before we even started, I was warned that I would be spoiled after this hunt and nothing will ever compare. After just one minute in the field, I understood. We saw hundreds of elk every day (usually more bulls than cows) and the bugling never stopped. Never. It was an amazing experience. We spent the first two days hiking, spotting big bulls, chasing bulls, and being picky. It also happened to be the peak of the rut with the full moon!

By day three, many hunters had tagged out, so Team Renee was split up to be guided one-on-one to cover more ground. I was guided by one of Tom’s younger son’s, Austin. We started hiking at 7am. I had my rifle on an old 5 by 5 within 30 minutes that ended up walking into a grove of pines. We saw about 20 bulls that were not shooters, but by 8am we were quickly hiking up a hill to get a bull that was bugling at the top. There was a guide on a far ridge that was talking to Austin by radio to give him locations of elk we couldn’t see. We got within 60 yards of this bull, I was ready to shoot, but he walked behind some brush, then the wrong way and over the top of the hill. Within seconds the spotting guide told us of another nice bull that was on the next hill and Austin started running. I had a hard time keeping up with him trying to avoid tripping over sage brush, roots, and rocks. I was at least 30 yards behind him when he was setting up the tripod for this next bull. I didn’t look up until I had chambered my rifle and saw the elk 140 yards away. He was broadside, took a couple steps, then Austin called him and he stopped. I shot and he immediately fell. I ended up shooting him high because my rifle was on for 200 yards; I meant to shoot lower, but in the heat of the moment that didn’t happen. Luckily it was a spine shot and he went right down. I put a couple more rounds in him and it just happened that fast!

My elk green-scored 310, and was probably the smallest of the 10 bulls taken that week. That proves that the wildlife management program that Wild Country Outfitters is executing is working. Aside from the hunting, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the accommodations and meals were phenomenal!

I consider myself an extremely lucky person that I was even invited on the hunt. I know that there are many hunters who would give anything to have the experience that I had. I did not take anything for granted. Every minute I was hiking (and gasping for air) and listening to the constant bugling, all I could think about was how lucky I was to be there. I am so thankful for good health to be able to endure the hike and the hunt.



Hunt Report - New Zealand  - By Jeff Fowler

My wife and I have just returned from a New Zealand hunt that was purchased at the Central Ohio fundraiser banquet in 2014. The hunt was generously donated by Chris Bilkey and his wife, Peg from Track and Trail safaris on the south island of New Zealand. I cannot say enough about the quality of trophies as well as the accommodations, company, food, and the attention to detail that these folks provide. As you can see, the trophies were well worth the trip. Chris is a professional and extremely passionate about what he does for a living and takes it very seriously. The Central Ohio Chapter is very fortunate to have the support of people like Chris and Peg Bilkey. Hunting is all about the experience and meeting new friends. Anyone that is serious about New Zealand hunting should take a look at Track and Trail’s website. They are more than happy to help you with your touring wishes as well as your hunt.




Hunt Report - Zimbabwe Plains Game - By Katie and Beth Wehinger

Outfitter: Pete Fick Safaris - July 2015 - Bulawayo Zimbabwe
Professional Hunters: Peter Wood and Ade Langley

Animals Taken:

  • KATIE: 7 Animals Taken: Eland, Wildebeest, Zebra, Klipspringer, 3 Impala
  • BETH: 12 Animals Taken: Eland, 2 Wildebeest, Zebra, Duiker, Steenbok, 2 Impala, Bush Pig, Warthog, Kudu, Baboon

We just got back from a trip to the Bubye Conservancy with our dad (Mike) and Uncle Mark. It was our first time hunting outside of the US and it was amazing. Our hunting camp had beautiful private rooms, excellent food, friendly staff, and the scenery was incredible – we saw elephant, black rhino, hippo, cape buffalo, sable, giraffe and tons of other game!


To get ready for the hunt we both did a lot of target shooting with our rifles (30-06 & 338) to make sure we were confident shooting from different positions and off sticks – which was a first for both of us. Our Professional Hunters were very patient and helpful so we could have a successful hunt – and we sure did! Thank you again Dad, Uncle Mark, Peter, Ade and Pete Fick Safari’s for making this the trip of a lifetime. We can’t wait to go back to Africa!

     Katie & Beth Wehinger



Youth Archery Hunt Report - By Beth Wehinger

Beth writes...

This year I went hunting with my dad Mike Wehinger during the State of Ohio youth hunting season. We were in the woods about 2 hours when we saw some doe deer in the distance. As they got closer we realized they were being followed by a nice whitetail buck so we got ready and stayed patient. Once they were in range, I was able to shoot a nice 10 point buck using my crossbow on the first day. I had a lot of fun in the outdoors, and am looking forward to my next hunting trip.

Thank you...Beth Wehinger





November Youth Hunt Report - By Savannah Todd

Savanna writes...

Hello. My name is Savannah Todd and I am 16 years old. I went on my first deer hunt this year. I hunted with my dad, on a youth hunt donated by Mr. Tim McKelvey.
I was shooting a 20 gauge shotgun slug, that I had practiced shooting before the day of the hunt. The day came, and my dad and I settled in, and quickly within an hour, 3 deer came walking in 30 yards from me. I rested my gun, took aim and shot. Immediately I felt excruciating pain over my right eye. (ooops! I forgot to allow enough distance between my eyebrow and the scope ring) I grabbed my dad, and within 30 minutes, I was in the ER getting stitches over my eye.
The good news is, the deer was dead. Didn’t move one step! The bad news is, I had a chance to meet the inside of an ER. I do want to thank Mr. and Mrs. McKelvey who allowed me the chance to take my first deer; one that I will never forget. I do look forward to hunting again...this time, hopefully without a trip to the ER.

Thank you...Savannah



Tuckamore Lodge Hunt Report - By Randy Caryer

Tuckamore Bear Hunt Report -September 2012

Randy writes…

My brother, Keith, and I bought a bear hunt for two at Tuckamore Lodge at the 2011 banquet auction.

I had always heard good things about Tuckamore and this trip showed me why. The Lodge in very comfortable and I could not believe how clean they keep it even with all of the hunters going in and out. The food is great and Barb runs a top notch operation. There were about a dozen moose hunters there also and they all took nice moose. The guides were all great and very friendly.

When we got there we found out we could take two bears each. The bears were hitting the baits at night most of the time. I took a small bear midweek and my brother shot the bear of a life time the last hour of the last day. It was estimated well over 500lbs. It was the biggest black bear I have ever seen (live or mounted). This trip would have been great even if we had not taken any bears-it was that nice. Thanks again to Barb Genge for her generous donation. I plan on going back.

          ... Randy Caryer


“Thank You” Disabled Hunt Report– By Steven Deitz

“Helluva Hunt” October 1, 2012 By Steven Deitz

Steven writes...

I want to thank the Central Ohio SCI Chapter for the donation that enabled me to go on a disabled Pronghorn antelope hunt in Douglas, Wyoming...called the “Helluva Hunt”. I was successful in bagging a “Goat” ... I missed a big one, but got a nice Antelope none the less. I want to thank chapter member Greg Rustemeyer for making my trip possible.

I would like to join SCI, but West Virginia has no chapters, so I am hoping to join the Central Ohio Chapter.

“Thank You” all again for making this hunting experience possible!

          ...Steven Deitz


Central Ohio Chapter-SCI ...Sponsors Kyle Kuhn
to the “Apprentice Hunter Camp”


Kyle writes...

I am writing you with deep gratitude and appreciation for your sponsorship to the Apprentice Hunter Program at Indianhead Ranch in Del Rio, Texas in June, 2012. I just returned from my amazing week in Texas full of knowledgeable instructors & new learning experiences! Among the things I learned were archery, firearm use & cleaning, trap shooting, tracking, survival, and the close partnership between conservation, which benefits hunting & fishing. The program was extremely educational, fun, and an experience that I will cherish forever. The highlights for me were shooting clay pigeons, and harvesting a Mouflon Ram. This was such a life changing opportunity for me that I returned home, sold my cattle at the county fair, and returned for the Advanced Camp in July where I harvested an awesome Blackbuck Antelope.

“THANK YOU” Central Ohio Chapter-SCI
From The Bottom Of My Heart.
                       Sincerely...Kyle Kuhn



Wounded Warrior Hunt Report: By Jim Priday

Jim writes...

It all started at the 2012 Central Ohio Chapter-SCI “Sportsman’s Banquet”. Our dear friends and Chapter Donors Chris and Kristy Daniels of Briarwood Sporting Club donated (2) Whitetail deer hunts for the SCI March, 2012 “Live Auction”. The high bidder was fellow chapter member, International hunter, and Humanitarian Award winner Mr. Jack Klein. He was to select a “Wounded Warrior” for one of the hunts, and use the other hunt for himself or his son Andrew Klein.

As you read in the last newsletter, Jack chose a U.S. Marine Corps. Infantry soldier named Jonathon Lichty (Payne, Ohio) who had served two tours of duty in Iraq. Jonathon was wounded (2) two times, and is a highly decorated soldier who was very worthy of the prized “Wounded Warrior” deer hunt donated by Briarwood Sportsman’s Club, and sponsored by high bidder Jack Klein.

The hunt took place in October and we were blessed with good weather the week before the terrible storm “Sandy’ blew into Bellefontaine, Ohio. Jonathon harvested his beautiful 10 point typical Whitetail trophy deer in the afternoon of the second day and expressed great excitement and gratitude in the video we made of his hunt. He couldn’t say enough about Chris & Kristy Daniels, his guide Mike Bosler, Pine Lodge, the Briarwood scenery, and the whole hunting experience. Jonathon was also very verbal to Jack Klein expressing his appreciation for sponsoring this hunt and choosing him as the 2012 Wounded Warrior.

Jack also chose to let his 9 year old son hunt the second deer of that live auction package…(see Jack Klein's hunt report below). Andrew saw many shooter bucks in 3 days, and held out for a 200 class deer in the last few minutes of the last day. (Andrew is well trained, a good shot and will not take a risky shot)

Congratulations Jonathon Lichty & Andrew Klein!



Briarwood Club (Live Auction) Hunt Report By: Jack Klein

Jack writes...

My son Andrew Klein and I had the pleasure of Deer hunting at Briarwood Sportsman Club the same week that the Wounded Warrior Jonathon Lichty hunted his SCI Wounded Warrior Whitetail Deer hunt. (Andrew was the 2012 SCI -Youth Hunter of the Year) Andrew had the opportunity to meet Jonathan, the wounded warrior our chapter honored in 2012 and AJ felt grateful for the experience. The hunt was made even more memorable when on the last hour of the last day he had the opportunity to stalk a beautiful deer and heat up his .243 again with a one shot kill on the deer of a lifetime. Andrew’s 16 pt. Whitetail green scored over 200 inches, and is well into the record book.



Indianhead Ranch Hunt Report - By jack Klein

Jack writes...

My 9 year old son Andrew and I went to Indianhead Ranch in Del Rio, Texas in August before Andrew started his new school year. Andrew took a beautiful Addax with his .243 Tikka rifle and passed on a shot at a Blackbuck antelope which was a bit out of his comfort zone in distance. I harvested a beautiful Armenian sheep which is my first ever sheep to add to my game room collection. Indianhead Ranch has very comfortable living quarters, the food, and lodge experience was excellent. I highly recommend Indianhead Ranch for those Texas exotics you might need.

Happy Hunting…
Jack Klein



Mongolia Hunt Report - By Page Mays


Page writes...

I got these 3 animals in September, 2012 on my trip to Mongolia. The Hangai Argali, and the Gobi Argali brought my sheep harvest to 26, and the Ibex made 28 of the Capra Slam. Since then I have completed the “Capra Super 30” with hunts for Chamois and Gobi Ibex in France and Turkey.





France and Turkey Hunt Report - By Page Mays

Page writes...

With the harvest of the Hybrid Ibex in Turkey and Chartreus Chamois in France I completed the CAPRA Super 30 Slam. The first animal I took that counted for the Capra Award (Grand Slam Club / Ovis) was the American Mountain Goat in 2001. Only 14 hunters worldwide have completed the Capra Super 30 slam to date.


Again, Congratulation to Page Mays for this Accomplishment!


Return to Zimbabwe 2012 Hunt Report - By Mark Wehinger

2 Buffalo plus Elephant



Donor Whitetail Hunt Report - By Jeff Fowler

Jeff writes...

I have just returned from a great little get-away weekend hunting trip to Michigan with Whitehouse Whitetails. Pete Carroll generously donated a whitetail hunt at our 2012 banquet which I was fortunate enough to obtain. The hunt consisted of lodging, great meals, and a 2 day whitetail hunt on his preserve in western Michigan. Pete and his staff have assembled a first class operation with some of the largest deer anyone could ever hope to see. This has got to be one of the most pleasant experiences I have ever had. You are catered to from the moment that you arrive until you are satisfied with your trophy. I was able to take this gorgeous 260 plus inch whitetail on the second day of our stay. I am happy to say that I and the Central Ohio Chapter of SCI have made some lasting friends with Pete and Laura Carroll and their great staff. Everyone should visit their website at: www.Whitehousewhitetails.com




Tajikistan Hunt Report - By Dr. Larry Todd

Marco Polo Sheep & Ibex Hunt, October, 2012 by Dr. Larry Todd

Dr. Larry Todd & Mark Wehinger
Marco Polo Argali & Mid Asian Siberian Ibex Hunt


You can’t tell a story about hunting in Asia without first talking about the trek it took to get there. Mark and I started our journey on a Wednesday, and didn’t start hunting til Monday. Traveling through 10 time zones. Three days in and four days to get out. Our destination – The High Pamirs of Tajikistan (Pamir = A Plateau At High Elevation)

The broken road that was traveled, took us from Istanbul, Turkey, to Dushanbe Tajikistan, through Khoroug, past Murghab, then on to camp. 17 hours in a vehicle, on a road, not quite paved. But after traveling through several checkpoints, where the only documents that were exchanged were dollar bills, we arrived at camp.
Elevation 14,500-15,000 feet. Average temp 20 degrees F. Snow on the ground, wind 20-30 knots. After meeting all the guides (which we could only understand one out of every ten words), and putting on more clothes, it was time to finally hunt. Mark and I both took Diamox to prevent high altitude sickness (which is a must). I suffered from just not being in the best shape I could be, but Mark truly suffered with symptoms of high altitude sickness. Luckily he was able to trudge on, and complete the hunt without needing evacuated.

Now for the geographically challenged, like myself, the country of Tajikistan, is bordered on its southern border by Afghanistan and Pakistan. And to tell you how close we were to the border, at one point, the Ram I shot, had to be retrieved in Afghanistan. All in all, Mark and I shot two great Rams. Both very long shots. Mark took his Ram at 500 yards, and mine shot at 864 yards. Suffice it to say, these great Marco Polo Argali do not allow you to get too close. And the Pamirs, with its long, open valleys and peaks, do not afford the hunter, the leisure of an up close shot. Therefore, after toasting with a shot of vodka, it was time to hunt Ibex the next day.

Ibex, notoriously like to live on the tops of the peaks. And these peaks were so vertical, and the air so limited, we would literally take 10 steps and rest. Then as luck would have it, the day after I shot my Ram, I hiked to an elevation of 15,800 feet, and took my Mid Asian Siberian Ibex at 440 yards. Then the very next day, Mark took two great Ibex at 450 yards.


What a great hunt. Bob Kerns, with the Hunting Consortium, arranged our safe passage in and out of the Muslim Country of Tajikistan. We came back with five great animals; and even more appreciative of the great country we live in.

     Happy Hunting!

     Dr. Larry Todd




Mongolia, Croatia, Russia, Hunt Report - By Page Mays

Page writes... September and October were busy hunting months with trips to Mongolia, Croatia, and Russia. In Mongolia I hunted Altai Argali, and Siberian Ibex.

Next I went to Croatia to hunt Dalmation sheep on the island of Plaunik in the Adriatic sea. I would highly recommend this trip for a hunting vacation.

Finally I traveled to southern Russia to hunt Mid-Caucasian Tur. There was snow in the mountains, and by the fourth day my boots were soaked. I was so happy to get off the mountain.



Congratulations Page Mays!


Central Ohio Chapter –SCI ...Sponsors Kara Crowley
to the “American Wilderness Leadership School”

Kara writes...I am writing you with deep gratitude and appreciation for your sponsorship to the American Wilderness Leadership School. I just returned from my amazing week in Wyoming full of knowledge & new experiences! Among the things I learned were archery, firearm use & cleaning, the close partnership between conservation, and hunting/fishing, and an even deeper respect for hunters and fishermen. The program was extremely educational, fun, and an experience that I will cherish forever. I cannot wait to teach all of my future students about the things that I have learned and hopefully start a NASP at my school! I surely would not have had this life changing opportunity without your support, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!





          Kara Crowley…

          Firearm Practice
          Trap Shooting
          Panning for Gold


Namibia Hunt Report: By Mark Wehinger

Who: Mark Wehinger, Where: Namiba,
August/September 2011, With: Bobby Hanson Safari’s,
Animals: Damara Dik-Dik, Mountain Zebra, Gemsbok, Kudu

I had a great hunt with Bobby Hanson Safari’s with Bobby as my P.H. Namiba is a great hunting destination with great camps, equipment and food. Bobby did a great job as my guide, just as he always does. The highlight was hunting Dik-Dik and Mountain Zebra. If you haven’t hunted in Namiba, I strongly suggest you consider it.

Life is short…Let’s go hunting

                  Mark Wehinger





 Central Ohio SCI donations provide much needed medical supplies to rural Africa


RIGHT: 2011 Blue Bag presented by Laurent Delagrange of Indian Head Ranch and Mark Wehinger, Chapter President.   

Dear Hunters, Members, & Friends
Laurent Delagrange of Indian Head Ranch and Mark Wehinger delivered a blue bag of medical supplies to Anne Whittall in Chiredzi , Zimbabwe. Mrs. Whittall nurses to approximately 500 people in the Save Conservancy. The medical care she provides is the only care within 3-4 hours.

Thank you Central Ohio SCI Members for your donations and helping us make this happen.

Mark Wehinger

From a previous report by Mark Wehniger about the Blue Bag program:
"Anne Whittall is a nurse educated in Cape Town at Groot Schuur University.  Mrs. Whittall treats a community of over 500 people whose closest medical care is over 1.5 hours away by vehicle.  Mrs. Whittall has been providing nursing care to the area for over 40 years.  With the problems in Zimbabwe, even providing the most basic medical care has been difficult to impossible due to lack of supplies.  We can't thank the Central Ohio Safari Club enough to allow us the honor of participating in the program and when you see the peoples’ faces, you will quickly understand why SCI and the hunters of the world participate. "  

LEFT:  A photo from the 2010 Blue Bag delivery shows some of the much needed supplies that are delivered to Zimbabwe.






Zimbabwe Hunt Report: By Mark Wehinger

Who: Mark Wehinger / Laurent Delagrange, Where: Zimbabwe – Savé Conservancy ,
When: August/September 2011, With: Roger Whittall Safari’s, Professional Hunter: Peter Wood
Animals: Elephant, Cape Buffalo, Lioness, Kudu, Zebra, Bush Pig, Genet, Wildebeest, Nyala.

I had a great hunt for Elephant and another wonderful time with P.H. Peter Wood. The Savé Conservancy is one of the greatest hunting destinations in the world. It is a big thrill hunting 3 of the Big 5 in one hunt.

Life is short…Let’s go hunting

Mark Wehinger








Hunt Reports By Paul & Nancy Heimberger

Paul & Nancy Heimberger write…
We hunted mountain goat in British Columbia with Bear Paw Guide & Outfitters - Dennis Smith in September, 2010. Took this nice mountain goat in BC on the 5-day of hunt. Due to rain & snow couldn't get on mountain the first few days. Excellent hunt!

We hunted brown bear with Baja Alaska LLC - Chuck Chandler in May 2011. Base camp was a 58 ft. boat and took skiff on-shore of the 'ABC' islands south of Juneau. We flew into Tenakee, Chichi of Island on a float plane. On day 7 of hunt I got my brown bear which squared at 8 ft.
Another Excellent hunt which we highly recommend.



BC Lion Hunt Report– By Jack Klein

Jack writes…
I hunted with Dave Fyfe of North Island Guide Outfitters on Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada. This is the second time I have hunted with Dave, and I will go back. They have 2700 square miles of hunting territory and a huge Island Black Bear population.

This hunt was for mountain lion hunted with dogs. As good fortune would have it I had multiple houndsmen and dogs and we treed 2 cats the first day. I took my lion with iron sights and a Winchester Model 95 in .270. This cat was described as a medium sized animal and we were hunting for a larger one when the weather turned on us. Dave conducts the hunts in the 3 winter months and they are weather dependent so it requires some flexibility on the hunter's part.

Dave can be reached at fyfe@elkbear.com and his hunting web site is www.islandbear.com . Dave is a Safari Club Member and is very active in the BC Outfitters Association. In addition to bears and cats the island has a good population of Roosevelt Elk.
          Jack Klein


Newfoundland Hunt Report - By Tim McKelvey


Mark Wehinger, Barry Casoli and I purchased the three man Newfoundland moose hunt at our 2009 Central Ohio SCI Chapter banquet. This particular hunt was offered by Trevor Keough, owner of Rock Camp Outfitters. We all took very respectable moose (one each , that is) and Rock Camp Outfitters certainly proved to be a fine choice. The camp conditions, dinning facility and separate sleeping quarters were all very comfortable and the food was hearty and tasty. Trevor’s wife, Theresa, is the camp chef/ baker and was most gracious to share a number of her recipes. (homemade bread to DIE for. See Barry for that recipe)

Transportation was made easy as their Argo (8 wheel all terrain vehicles) saved us a lot of walking and made packing out the meat an easy task. Our three guides were extremely knowledgeable and very enjoyable to spend a week with. And as an added bonus,, once we were able to get our moose “on ice”, Barry then “wet a few lines” and provided us with some yummy trout.

All in all, a most enjoyable hunt. Trevor Keough and his staff at Rock Camp Outfitters are a real first class operation. Visit their website at: www.rockcamp.nfnet.net 

Tim McKelvey




Hunter of the Year Award 2011:  James Domokos

James Domokos accepts the Hunter of the Year Award from Chapter President Mark Wehinger.

James has won the following achievement awards listed below:

James began hunting with family members at the age of six and has certainly covered a lot of territory since those early days. He is an SCI Life Member, has hunted on six continents, and his hunting accomplishments are noted in numerous record books.

James first hunted Northern Rhodesia in 1969 with the legendary professional hunter and world renowned author, Peter Capstick. Other international hunts have taken James to six continents and he's had the opportunity to hunt with many of the legends of our sport; Dr. Jim Conklin, Andrew Samuels Jr., Craig Boddington, and Jim Carmichael, to name a few.


Over his many years in the field, James has managed to compile a most impressive resume which includes:








Congratulations James!


Youth Hunter of the Year Award 2011:  Ben Webster

Ben Webster accepts the Youth Hunter of the Year Award from Central Ohio Chapter President, Mark Wehinger.

Ben H. Webster

Our 2011 Youth Hunter of the Year Award Goes to Ben H. Webster.


Ben got an early introduction to outdoors and hunting activities, as his Dad, Chapter member, Dr. David Webster, would load Ben into his backpack and take to the fields.

Ben completed his Hunter Safety Course in 2010 and took a nice 8 point buck this past season while hunting with his Dad and Grandfather. He's also gone on two SCI Banquet Hunts where he shot his first alligator in Louisiana and took a nice red stag (bronze level) in New Zealand.

Ben's other interests include science and biology, visiting new places, going on grand adventures, and hunting rabbits and groundhogs.

Congratulations Ben!


Nepal Hunt Report: by Page Mays

I just returned from one of my most demanding hunts. The Himalayan Blue Sheep, and Himalayan Tahr live high up in the steep foothills of the Himalayan mountains, and to hunt them involves a significant mental and physical challenge. I survived with the help and encouragement of my Sherpa guides...Plus I improved my stamina with daily doses of high altitude medicine (Diamox), and tried to maintain a positive mental attitude. Over the 14 days the porters who carried 60-70 pounds each, moved camp 10 times, and I walked about 40 miles hunting and hiking in the steep mountain terrain.


The success on this hunt brings my total of mountain animals to 44 (19 sheep, and 25 goats and Ibex). My next hunt is in Mongolia in early September for more mountain animals.

Congratulations to Page Mays! ...those are magnificent trophy animals.


Vancouver Island Bear Hunt Report: by Barry Casoli


Hunt Report by Barry Casoli

Hunters: Barry Casoli, Larry Todd & Mark Wehinger
When: May 2011
Where: Vancouver Island, Canada
Outfitter: Sean Lingl’s Canadian
                  Guide Outfitters 250-230-4868
Game: Coastal Black Bears
(LIVE AUCTION ITEM for 2012 Banquet)

We arrived on Vancouver Island to some of the
most beautiful scenery you have ever seen.
Sean put us up in a beautiful lodge with all of
the amenities and we started hunting the next day. The hunt was a spot and stalk hunt that was one on one. Five bears were taken and each of us took a bear that squared over 7’ and two were well over 6’. This is one of the best bear areas I have ever seen, and Sean and his guides were excellent in all ways. Everything was above expectations. If you are looking for a truly big black bear, this is the place to go.


Indianhead Ranch Hunt Report:  by Mark Wehinger



Hunt Report
Mark Wehinger / Barry Casoli

Where: Indian Head Ranch Del Rio, Texas
When: March 2011
Guide: Darren Carr / Austin McMahon
Animals: Scimitar Oryx, Eld’s Deer, Dama Gazelle, Alligator Gar

Another wonderful hunting trip at Indian Head Ranch, we had a great time enjoying wonderful food, comfortable rooms, great company and a super hunt to top it off. A very interesting part of the trip was bow hunting for Alligator Gar. If you haven’t tried it, it should be on your list as a must do experience.

Life is short…Let’s go hunting

Mark Wehinger


Central Ohio SCI Chapter founder Tony Gioffre wins the “highest honor in the world of hunting” the 2010 prestigious Weatherby Foundation Hunting and Conservation Award.

CONGRATULATIONS TONY from all of your friends in  Central Ohio Chapter!

 2010 Weatherby Award Winner – Tony Gioffre

Tony Gioffre of Delaware, Ohio is the 2010 winner of the 54th Annual Weatherby Foundation International Hunting and Conservation Award. This highest honor in the world of hunting will be presented to him on Tuesday, January 25th 2011 at the Silver Legacy Hotel in Reno, Nevada.

First presented in 1956, the Weatherby Award annually recognizes an individual for outstanding support of wildlife conservation, lifetime hunting achievement and dedication to the principles of ethical sport hunting.

Tony is the CEO of Gioffre Companies, Inc., a general contracting firm located in Dublin, Ohio. The firm, established in 1977 by Tony and his brother John, specialized in commercial contruction in the U.S. and Canada. In addition to his successful business endeavors, Tony is an avid and passionate philanthropist and civic leader in the central Ohio community. Serving on a multitude of boards and as a mentor to hundreds of small business owners, students, and associates, Tony has earned many awards of distinction.

It is this same passion and leadership ability that has led to his recognition in the worlds of hunting and conservation. Tony has expressed an overwhelming gratitude for his Weatherby Award and is honored to be this year’s recipient. As Tony has so eloquently put it…“I am humbled by this distinction and am very much looking forward to celebrating in Reno…Let the party begin!”

In addition to Tony, the following five men rounded out the six nominees in contention for the 2010 award:

Craig Boddington of Paso Robles, California
Ralph Cunningham of Houston, Texas
Tom Hammond of Oakland township, Michigan
Larry Higgins of Gaylord, Michigan
Ed Yates of Writesville, Pennsylvania


HUNT REPORT -- By: Tom Moore -- South Africa (Eastern Cape)

Left: TOM MOORE with his Blue Duiker taken one mile from the Indian Ocean in the Eastern Cape.
Right: NORM CAMPBELL (SCI member) with his record-book Blesbok

Tom Moore & Norm Campbell had a fantastic 7-day hunt with W. Kemp of “Africa Anyways Safaris” this past April. The hunt took Place in the eastern Cape near Seven Fountains. “Kemp” is a supporter, and annual donor to our Central Ohio SCI Chapter, a fantastic PH, and is extremely knowledgeable about the region, fauna & flora. We took Cape Kudu, Blesbok, Springboks, Duiker, Steenbok, Warthog, Blue Duiker, Cape Grysbok, Gemsbok, and Genet Cat. I highly recommend Kemp and African Anyways Safaris, PO Box 481, Grauff-Reinet, 6280 RSA.
Cell: +27-82-373-9810 TELL: + 27-49-891-0263 www.aasasafaris.com


AFRICAN HUNT REPORT -- By: Bill Lukaskiewicz

In September, 2009, my wife, Sammie and I spend 10 days with Professional Hunter Wayne Birch and Burchell Safaris in Thabazimbi, South Africa. I took an SCI Gold Medal Gemsbok, an SCI Bronze Medal Kudu with bow and a huge Warthog with a rifle that we named old fighter as he had many scars, was missing an eye and was very, very old. We hunted from fixed blinds, elevated stands and pop up blinds. Sammie accompanied me on every hunt. Wayne’s knowledge of the game, habitat and his wide access to property were instrumental in our success. It did rain one day so we spent that day game viewing in Marakele National Park. We spent an afternoon/evening at Sun City where we took an elephant backed safari that included riding, feeding and petting elephants from Zimbabwe. We also visited the De Wildt/Shingwedzi Cheetah and Wildlife Ranch where we saw cheetahs during their morning training runs and observed the morning feeding and actually got to pet a cheetah! Wayne and his staff were very professional, the food was great, and the accommodations were spectacular. We stayed in a beautiful lodge nestled against the Waterberg Mountains and Marakele National Park and a tented camp, both were fantastic. We made some lifelong friends there and we cannot wait to go back!
Bill and Sammie Lukaskiewicz


Female Hunter of the Year Award 2010: Bobbette Carlisle

Archery hunter Bobette Carlisle accepts the Female Hunter of the Year Award from Central Ohio Chapter President Mark Wehinger.

Bobbette is being recognized for her outstanding hunting achievements on three continents.

She has been on 6 African Safaris, hunted in 2 Canadian provinces ( Alberta & Saskatchewan ), hunted in Australia, hunted in Mexico, and 5 states in the USA.






Youth Hunter of the Year Award 2010: Kevin Fisher

Kevin Fisher accepts the Youth Hunter of the Year Award from Central Ohio Chapter President Mark Wehinger.

Kevin Fisher started hunting on his 12th birthday. Oh what A 1ST year to was. Taking rabbit, squirrel and his 1st whitetail all within a few weeks of that birthday. Soon after that 1st season in Ohio Kevin started practicing rifle shooting for a trip to Africa @ The SAVE conservatory in Zimbabwe. While in Africa Kevin was able to take 10 species including a Franklin, guinea foal, Africa hare, black back jackal, impala, waterbuck, wildebeest, kudu, eland and his original goal a zebra. Kevin has since added I whitetail buck and additional same game native to Ohio. He is looking forward to hunting elk in south western Colorado in October 2010.




Zimbabwe Hunt Report: By:Dr. Larry Todd Jr.

June 2010 Zimbabwe - Roger Whittall Safari's with PH Guy Whittall

This was my first trip to Zimbabwe hunting elephant, with PH Guy Whittall, and it turned out to be a very successful one. We were hunting in The Chirisa Conservancy, along the Sengwa River Basin. After 5 days of hiking 15-22 miles a day, I came face to face with my Bull Elephant. We had seen several on previous days, but my PH and myself decided this one was the one. Standing 15 yards away, facing him, I took him with one frontal brain shot, with my Krieghoff .470 Nitro Express. He immediately collapsed. What a rush!

After that, on day 6, I took my first Cape Buffalo, and on day 7, a nice Civet. We then decided to travel to Humani Conservancy, where I proceeded to take a Burchell Zebra, Wildebeest, Impala, and a 57 inch Kudu. What a trip!

I also had the chance in representing our Central Ohio SCI Chapter, by presenting Anne Whittall with The Blue Bag, full of much needed medical supplies. Anne, herself being a nurse, directly realizes the huge impact these medical supplies make on the community she lives in.
What an experience to stand among the giants of Zimbabwe.

          Dr. Larry Todd Jr.

NOTE: to see photos and learn more about the Blue Bag project, please visit our "Outreach" page.


Artic Musk Ox Hunt Report -- By:Tim McKelvey

ARCTIC MUSK OX HUNT, 2010, by Tim McKelvey
While many in Central Ohio were enjoying the first really warm Saturday in early April, five of us, all Central Ohio Safari Club Chapter members were checking our gear at Port Columbus and heading for a Musk Ox hunt in the Arctic. Tony Casagrande, Barry Casoli, Dr. Larry Todd, Chapter President, Mark Wehinger and I purchased this Musk Ox hunt offered by CANADA NORTH OUTFITTING at our January, 2009 Central Ohio SCI banquet and we were finally on our way.

Our final destination was the Inuit Indian village of Cambridge Bay, Nunavut Provence, Canada, (pop. 1400) located on Victoria Island, 150 miles north of the Arctic Circle. After stops in Chicago, Edmonton, Alberta and an overnight in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, we flew directly north the final 600 miles to Cambridge Bay. It’s interesting to note that the only routes to Cambridge Bay are by air or boat. Since boats can only be used during the eight to ten weeks in late summer when the ice pack breaks up, virtually all travel is by air.

CANADA NORTH staff members met us at the airport and took us into town to purchase our licenses and then to the hotel where we were introduced to our Inuit guides and discussed the particulars of the hunt. Fortunately, Tony and other Central Ohio Chapter members had been on this and/or similar Arctic hunts and their recommendations regarding gear, weather conditions, etc. proved to be very helpful. One example: It was strongly recommended we rent the heavy insulated outer wear offered by CANADA NORTH right there in Cambridge Bay. No sense to purchase and/or pack all of our own heavy outer garments when we could rent their commercial ¾ length goose down parkas and insulated bib overalls for $125. a week. This proved to be a great deal and we were certainly well suited for their cold weather. (no pun intended)

The terrain of the Arctic tundra is certainly interesting. Not a tree to be found and nothing but white as far as you could see. Although the temperatures can get as low as 40 below during the winter months, we lucked out as the average temperature during this late season hunt ranged from zero during the day to the low minus teens at night. We were also fortunate to have beautiful blue skies, very limited wind and with the black parkas and bibs soaking up all that solar power, we were quite comfortable. Another interesting aspect of the hunt was the fact that, this far North, we only experienced 4 hours of actual darkness, with the sun setting at 11:00 P.M. and rising around 3:00 A.M.

Our base camp for the hunt was an unoccupied summer fishing camp used by the local Inuit natives to stock up on fish during the short period of open water. It consisted of a number of small plywood fish shacks and many wooden open air drying racks. The local Inuit Council and Guide Association built a larger (approx. 20’ X 20’) one story insulated building which serves as a bunkhouse and dining area during the winter Musk Ox hunting season.

We were up and out of town early the first morning with each of us in a sled being pulled by our respective guides on their snowmobiles and travelled along the coastline in a westerly direction before splitting up. Tony, Larry, Mark and their guides continued along the coastline while Barry, our guides and I headed inland. The travel was a bit rough as we traversed the crusty and rocky ridges but the caribou hide blankets served as pretty good cushions once they were rolled up. (the fact that Larry is a spinal surgeon didn’t comfort me at all)

During the course of the hunt we covered quite a bit of territory and had the opportunity to view wolves, Arctic fox and ptarmigan. Once Musk Ox were spotted, we’d begin the stalk and move to the best possible position to insure a clean shot. We all took very nice bulls, four of us with rifles (Mark and Larry took two), and my hero,, Tony Casagranda did it again with only “stick and string”. All of the Musk Ox taken were in prime condition and the meat was very much appreciated by the Indian families back in Cambridge Bay.

All and all... another wonderful hunt combined with great memories and plenty of laughter.


HUNT REPORT -- By: Rick Zwayer -- Ohio Whitetail Deer


Central Ohio Chapter member Ken Garloch and I hunted the property together in the early morning hours of October 12, 2009.  Ken had already tagged his buck a week earlier and was in search of a doe. Ken and I tend to share some luck when we hunt deer and elk together, so we had some confidence the morning might show promise.

Ken and I watched from different stands as the wide 8 point walked 50 yards from Ken’s stand along with another smaller buck.  The deer fed in the soybean field and later made their way to my stand and the 8 point presented a shot.  Interestingly, we checked the trail camera on the opposite side of the bean field after the hunt and found that the 8 point buck’s photo was captured as he left the woods (and as we were just arriving to our stands) roughly an hour before I shot him.  As it turns out it was an exciting hunt for both of us, just watching it all unfold.

This whitetail deer was taken on a self-guided hunt in west-central Ohio on land privately owned and managed by Rick and his father Richard Zwayer Sr. 

HUNT REPORT -- by Page Mays

Last January at the 18th annual SCI-Central Ohio Chapter Sportsman's Banquet I bought the hunt to Heartland Wildlife Ranches in Missouri.   ...WELL, HERE IS THE RESULT!

...a beautiful 9 point main frame Whitetail deer. He was 27” wide inside spread, and scored a whopping 177 5/8 SCI typical.  I took him at 235 yards with my .330 Dakota rifle.

Heartland has the most beautiful lodge, and best service I have ever experienced!  I highly recommend this hunt.  

          Page Mays






HUNT REPORT -- by Katie Wehinger -- Hunter Safety Camp at Indianhead Ranch

I would like to thank the Central Ohio Safari Club for sponsoring me to go to the youth hunter education course at Indianhead Ranch this summer.  It was an amazing experience!  I got to meet people from all over the US and learned about hunter safety, conservation, and survival skills such as tracking, using a GPS, and much more.  I really enjoyed the delicious food and comfy rooms while at camp.  There were amazing views and plenty of warm weather.  What was really nice is if you got too hot you could just go jump in the pool. 

My favorite part of my trip was harvesting my own Axis doe, which my family and I will be enjoying for a while!  Once again, thank you for sponsoring me to go to the youth hunter education course and I look forward to my next hunting experience!

 By:  Katie Wehinger


AFRICA HUNT REPORT -- by Joe Wehinger


June/July 2009 South Africa – Bobby Hansen Safari’s with PH Bobby Hansen

12 Animals Taken:  Hartebeest, Black Wildebeest, White Springbok, Springbok, Black Springbok, 2 Mountain Reedbuck, Steenbok, Common Blesbok, White Blesbok, Gemsbok, and Waterbuck

I just completed a very successful hunt with Bobby Hansen in South Africa.  Everything about the hunt was brilliant from the professional staff and accommodations to the manner in which Bobby conducted the hunt.  On this particular hunt I was able to get 11 new species for the trophy room I had never hunted for in the past; notably, a spectacular 31.5” Waterbuck and a 40+” Male Gemsbok.  I have nothing but good things to say about Bobby Hansen Safari’s and I look forward to many successful hunts with them in the future.

June/July 2009 Zimbabwe – Roger Whittal Safari’s with PH Peter Wood

14 Animals Taken:  Elephant, (2) Bushbucks, Cape Buffalo, Eland, (3)Impala, (3)Zebra, Baboon, Bush Pig and Warthog. This was my second trip using Roger Whittal Safari’s with Professional Hunter Peter Wood and once again it was quite successful.  I had the opportunity to go along on an elephant and buffalo hunt with my Uncle Mark in Northern Zimbabwe along the Zambezi River and he was successful on both counts.  We then traveled down to Humani Conservancy for the remainder of our hunt.  Of the 5 animals I got, the Bush Pig, Warthog, and Eland will be new species in my trophy room.  With the donations from the Central Ohio Safari Club, Mark and I were once again able to represent our Chapter in presenting the “Blue Bag” with much needed medical supplies for the local community.   Again, a phenomenal experience and I can’t wait to get back to Africa!




Tim McKelvey writes... Chapter members Ken Shaffer, Joe Mesenburg and Tim McKelvey just returned from a very successful two week hunt  in Wyoming.  The first week was spent hunting antelope and mule deer on Ken’s friend’s 54,000 acre ranch north of Casper.  Despite temperatures dropping into single digits and constant snow squalls, all three filled their antelope and mule deer tags.

The second week was spent in Northern Wyoming where Joe drew a bull elk license in the Big Horn Mountains above Buffalo, WY.  Unfortunately, the same storm they’d experienced  during the first week had dumped two feet of snow on the elk camp and driven the elk off the mountain range and down to open meadows on a very private adjoining ranch.  So,, after a number of days  glassing  the large grazing herd from a distance of two miles and absolutely no activity on the mountain,  the decision was made to break camp and head home.

All in all... a wonderful Western hunt with many great memories and some fine trophies.

Tim McKelvey's Massive Wyoming Antelope                              Joe Mesenburg's Wyoming Mule Deer

Ken Shaffer's Wyoming Antelope                                              Joe Mesenburg's Wyoming Antelope



Chris, Mark, Mike and Tim with their 1000 Dove a Day Trophies

Chris Fisher, Mike and Mark Wehinger and Tim McKelvey just returned from a fun filled bird shoot in Argentina.  The hunt was with Paco Riestra in Cordoba and was a live auction item at last year’s banquet.

Cordoba is located in Central Argentina and is the home to some of the finest wing shooting in the world.  The healthy local dove population accounts for a 20% crop loss so there’s never a shortage of birds.  As a matter of fact…  1000 birds a day is the norm.  Oh,,, Mike would be disappointed if we didn’t mention that he was high man with a one day tally of 1261.  Just ask… he’d love to show you his trophy.

The next time you’re thinking about a fun guy trip… say… a golf outing to Florida or the Carolinas… FORGET ABOUT IT!!  You’ve owe it to yourself to head on down to Argentina where the birds never stop flying, the grilled steaks are served at least twice a day and the laughter is non-stop. 


BLUE BAG PROGRAM -- by Mark Wehinger

Mark, and Joe Wehinger traveled to Zimbabwe to hunt with Roger Whittal Safaris with Peter Wood as our Professional Hunter.  As part of the trip, we got together with the Central Ohio Safari Club’s board to participate in the humanitarian program...“The Blue Bag”. 

With funds provided by the Central Ohio Chapter, we donated a huge duffle bag of medicines and bandages that are almost impossible to get in this area.  The supplies were donated in the Save Conservancy in Zimbabwe to be administered by Anne Whittall, who is a nurse educated in Cape Town at Groot Schuur University.  Mrs. Whittall treats a community of over 500 people whose closest medical care is over 1.5 hours away by vehicle.  Mrs. Whittall has been providing nursing care to the area for over 40 years.  With the problems in Zimbabwe, even providing the most basic medical care has been difficult to impossible due to lack of supplies. 

We can’t thank the Central Ohio Safari Club enough to allow us the honor of participating in the program and when you see the peoples’ faces, you will quickly understand why SCI and the hunters of the world participate.      

Mark Wehinger,  President Central Ohio Chapter



Banquet Donor Update…  Briarwood Sporting Club
The Briarwood Sporting Club is making 2 donations to the 2010 Central Ohio Chapter SCI Sportsman's Banquet …    (a Club Membership, and a Deer Hunt Package)

The most fortunate thing that happened to me this year was being “High Bidder” for the annual membership to the     Briarwood Sporting Club at the SCI –Central Ohio Chapter Sportsman’s Banquet.  For me this relaxing, natural environment to get away from it all was a lifesaving event.  I retired in May, 2009 and Briarwood became my life...catching large numbers of monster trout, photographing deer, and making the transition from a working international hunter, to becoming an avid retired angler with a “fly rod” instead of a rifle. 

Our friends at Briarwood in Bellefontaine, Ohio have also generously donated a 3-day hunt for a Whitetail Deer. They have spent several years compiling the industry’s best genetics to provide their clients with the largest whitetails in North America. While hunting at Briarwood, you will also have access to Ohio's best fishing. Try your luck in one of eleven lakes for trophy largemouth bass, or cast a fly in one of their many trout streams. Included is lodging, meals, beverages, guide, and a $2,000.00 credit towards a trophy fee. Hunt to be taken October 3 - December 30, 2010. Rifle , bow, or muzzleloader. Taxidermy and gratuities are not included. See Chris at the Briarwood booth at the banquet. Donor Value: $2,500.00            ...I highly recommend that you bid on this  Briarwood Sportsman's Club membership, and deer hunt at the 2010 SCI-Sportsman's Banquet  (March 27, 2010)  Or call: (937) 593-8045 to join now.                                Thanks,  Jim Priday          www.BriarwoodClub.com
Briarwood Sporting Club—231”  19 points                              Luke Hutson with his 145” Whitetail deer


HUNT REPORT -- Page Mays

This beautiful Southern Roan was the last animal Page Mays needed to achieve the
Diamond Level of the SCI- “TROPHY   ANIMALS OF AFRICA”. 

Page Mays writes...  Finally after 19 trips to Africa I have completed the Trophy Animals of Africa at the
.  This required the harvesting of 80 animals from 36 different categories.  The last Animal I needed was a Southern Roan, and I got a beautiful one. My professional hunter was Fanie Steyn, owner of Thaba Mmogo Safaris.  Fanie is a long time donor of hunts to the Northwest Chapter, and based on my experience...he is one of the best Professional Hunters in the business.  To book a hunt with Fanie / Call Jeff Rhees at 419-594-2410.  While with Fanie and his associates I also collected : Limpopo Bushbuck, Sharpe Greysbok, Southern Kudu, Damara Sheep, Civet, Genet Cat, African Wildcat, and Bat-Eared Fox. 

It was an outstanding hunt!        Thanks,  Page Mays



  Central Ohio Chapter SCI Photo Gallery
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Page Mays / Ohio Turkey / Zanesville, Ohio


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