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The Central Ohio Chapter SCI is more than just a hunting club. We are very proud of our commitment to serve our local, state, national and world community in the areas of education,

conservation and preservation, humanitarian aid and community service. 

In this page we highlight some of our recent accomplishments.

The Central Ohio Chapter SCI's charitable disbursement is about $20,000 per year.

2015 Bubye Valley Conservancy Donation

This year the board of Central Ohio Safari Club International voted to make a sizable donation to
the Bubye Valley Conservancy. We could think of few greater causes that so desperately need
our support and do such great work for conserving African wildlife like the great African Lion.
Please read more about their great work at  http://bubyevalleyconservancy.com/

 Central Ohio SCI donations provide much needed medical supplies to rural Africa

A sample of the medical supplies donated by Central Ohio SCI in 2015 through the Blue Bag program.
The photos and text below show examples of other past Chapter donations to this vital program and explain more about the program and it's importance to rural Africa.


RIGHT: 2011 Blue Bag presented by Laurent Delagrange of Indian Head Ranch and Mark Wehinger, Chapter President.   

Dear Hunters, Members, & Friends
Laurent Delagrange of Indian Head Ranch and Mark Wehinger delivered a blue bag of medical supplies to Anne Whittall in Chiredzi , Zimbabwe. Mrs. Whittall nurses to approximately 500 people in the Save Conservancy. The medical care she provides is the only care within 3-4 hours.

Thank you Central Ohio SCI Members for your donations and helping us make this happen.

Mark Wehinger

From a previous report by Mark Wehniger about the Blue Bag program:
"Anne Whittall is a nurse educated in Cape Town at Groot Schuur University.  Mrs. Whittall treats a community of over 500 people whose closest medical care is over 1.5 hours away by vehicle.  Mrs. Whittall has been providing nursing care to the area for over 40 years.  With the problems in Zimbabwe, even providing the most basic medical care has been difficult to impossible due to lack of supplies.  We can't thank the Central Ohio Safari Club enough to allow us the honor of participating in the program and when you see the peoples’ faces, you will quickly understand why SCI and the hunters of the world participate. "  

LEFT:  A photo from the 2010 Blue Bag delivery shows some of the much needed supplies that are delivered to Zimbabwe.





Donations to the Wounded Warrior in Action Foundation
This important program is dedicated to helping heal our combat wounded service members through the power of the great outdoors.


Mark Wehinger recently received a letter in September 2015 from the Wounded Warrior in Action Foundation, thanking the Central Ohio Chapter of SCI for it's generous donation of $15,000 to the program. The letter includes a moving quote from a soldier who was a participant in a recent Ohio WWIA outdoor event. Click here to read the letter.



Left: "Wounded Warrior" Recipient ...SFC Rod Randulic

Recent 2010 Central Ohio Chapter donations included $6,000 to the Wounded Warrior program, and $1,500 to the Central Crossing NJROTC Shooting Team.
Also, $500 to the Haiti relief Fund, and $500 to the Sportsman's Alliance.

Thank you all again…YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Central Ohio Chapter Donates to Evidence Freezer

Tim McKelvey and I had the pleasure of attending the Ohio Division of Wildlife Officers’ graduation ceremony on June 29th.  Thirteen people made it through the academy out of over 400 applicants; a testament to these individuals’ dedication and commitment.  Following the ceremony, the Central Ohio Chapter of SCI was recognized for their involvement in making the new evidence freezer a reality for the Ohio Division of Wildlife

Pictured in the photo from left to right are:  David Graham – Chief, OH Division of Wildlife; Tim McKelvey – Secretary, SCI Central OH Chapter; Mike Wehinger – Treasurer, SCI Central OH Chapter; Ken Fitz – Supervisor, OH Division of Wildlife; Sean Logan – Director, OH Department of Natural Resources; Dan Huss – District 1 Manager, OH Division of Wildlife. 

Thank you again to the OH Division of Wildlife for inviting us to attend the graduation and thank you to all of our members of the SCI Central Ohio Chapter for your support in making these types of donations possible.

               Mike Wehinger

Central Ohio Chapter Sponsors Two Youth Hunters...
Texas Apprentice Hunter Program -- Indianhead Ranch

JOEY CLEGG writes...The trip to Indianhead Ranch in Del Rio, Texas, was a lot of fun. It was also a great learning experience. We did a lot of shooting, and we also learned many things which included how to use a GPS, and how to age and score a deer. The highlight of my trip was harvesting this black buck doe.  I also learned about the many different kinds of animals they had there. We would go on trips around the ranch looking at the different animals there, which was cool because I had never seen these species of animals before. We also went on a campout in the back of the ranch, which was also a lot of fun. There was a spring you could swim in, and also a cavern with Indian writing in it. They had Native American researchers come and explain what the Indians were writing about and how they make the paint they used. They also showed us how to use an adladl, which is a wood piece you use to throw a spear.  This trip was a really fun experience. Even though I was having fun, I was also learning a bunch of things, too.  Thank you Central Ohio Chapter—SCI !
Joey Clegg
                  Joey with his Black Buck Doe


writes...My name is Eric. I recently took a trip to Indianhead Ranch for a week in June.    Indianhead Ranch was a trip of a lifetime. The long plane rides were dreadful, but the experience was worth it. The bungalows were very nice as were the staff.

The views, scenery, and experiences were amazing. Every day was filled with fun activities and not a single day was boring.  Learning new things at the ranch was fun. I learned how to load, shoot and clean a gun. Of course, we had to take a hunting course class and test at the end of the week, but it was worth it.  We went out on an early  morning hunt for Fallow deer. Within the first couple of hours I had my deer and was ready for breakfast.  Indianhead staff took care of my deer and shipped it back home with me on the plane.

The adventure and learning experience with all the staff and other kids that was there was unforgettable. I would really like to thank Central Ohio Chapter-SCI  for giving me the opportunity and experience of a lifetime.

                                        Eric Delpra                                                             Eric's Chocolate Fallow Deer    

Awards Presented at the November 15, 2006 General Membership Meeting:

Chapter President Mark Wehinger and the Central Ohio Chapter Board members presented the Ohio  Department of Natural Resources, Division of Wildlife a Check for $4,000 for a much needed new Evidence Freezer.  Receiving the Check for the Division of Wildlife were keynote speakers Mr. Steve Gray & Ken Fitz.


Central Oho Chapter once again donated to the Central Crossing NJROTC Rifle Team this year.  They have won several National Air Rifle Championships, and were given their awards at the General Membership meeting by coach, Navy Captain Peter MacKay to show their appreciation to our chapter for being their sponsor.  The awards were for recently winning at the Montgomery Bell Shooting Tournament in Nashville, Tenn.  Central Crossing took first place, and set a new national team high score.

                CONGRATULATIONS to the Entire Team!

Safari Care Bag Donated by Central Ohio Chapter Members
to the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, Africa



Teachers Carla Siegel & Alison Baylis Deliver Medical Supplies to Namibia.  Dr. Laurie Marker ,executive director of the Cheetah Conservation Fund in Otjiwarongo, Namibia, Africa & staff accept the SCI Blue Bag with much needed medical supplies. Carla and Alison also received awards at the November 15, 2006 General Membership Meeting.


by CDR, US Navy (Ret) John Robert


To:  Central Ohio Chapter, Safari Club International

Once again your generous support enabled CENTRAL CROSSING NJROTC RIFLE TEAM to achieve goals that, without your help,  would be beyond our reach.  State Champions, (NRA & USA Shooting), 1st place MBA Classic Nashville, TN., 3rd place Navy Eastern Regional's Fort Benning, Ga. 

We will return in July to Bowling Green, Ky. to defend our Bronze medal (last year)  at the National Junior Olympic Air Rifle Championship.  You (Central Ohio Chapter –SCI ) helped make it happen!   
                                                                              Thanks again,
                                                                              John Robert , CDR, US Navy (Ret)


This represents a summary of organizations and programs to which the
Central Ohio SCI Chapter has made significant donations in recent years.



  • Bubye Valley Conservation’s Lion Research Project

  • Sportsman Against Hunger - Donated over 10,000 pounds of venison to the homeless in Central Ohio

  • Salvation Army $500 Annually

  • Wounded Warriors In Action Foundation Program

  • Gabon Medical Supplies & Training $6,500

  • Hurricane Katrina Animal Rescue

  • Haiti Recovery

  • "Blue Bag" program - annual donation of medical supplies for areas in rural Africa

  • Wheelin' Sports - Disabled Hunters

  • SCI Foundation Youth Drive $1000
  • American Wilderness Leadership School
    - Donations $5,500
    - Sponsored 25 Teachers - Cost $38 K
  • Hunter Apprentice - Sponsored 16 Students - Cost $25 K
  • National Archery in Schools $2,300
  • Central Crossing High School NJROTC Rifle Team
  • International wildlife Museum
  • Sponsored Youth Hunts
  • Appalachian Outdoor Adventure-Hocking College


  • Ohio Department of Natural Resources - Division of Wildlife $25 K
    - Deer Decoys
    - Wildlife Census Equipment
    - Digital Cameras & GPS Units for ODNR Officers

  • Habitat Restoration

  • Pheasants Forever

  • Numerous Animal and Habitat research programs

  • Supporters of Ruffled Grouse Society

  • National Wild Turkey Federation

  • Ruffled Grouse Society

  • Wilderness Adventures Stewardship Foundation


  • U.S. Sportsman Alliance $7,500
  • Ohio Dove Bill - Donated $10 K to Help Passage
  • 85 Members in 1991
  • 600 Members in 2006
  • 288 New Members in 2005
  • 150 New Youth Memberships
  • Central Ohio Chapter is One of the Fastest Growing Chapters in SCI
  • Marine Corps Ball Fund


  • Chapter Membership Growth Award - 2005

  • Chapter Publications Award - Jim Priday 2005

  • Top Five Membership Recruiter - Tony Gioffre 2005

  • Educator of the Year Award - Warner Schmiesing - 2005

  • Top Five Membership Recruiter - Tony Gioffre 2005, 2001 & 2000

  • Regional Representative Award - Tony Gioffre 2001


Central Ohio Chapter SCI Officers

President: Mark Wehinger       V.P.: Jeff Fowler     Secretary: Chris Fisher     Treasurer: Tom Kiefer